Saturday, December 15, 2012

My M&M® Addiction

When our children were little I was lucky enough to stay at home with them.  This was way back in the dark ages when there weren't day care facilities or nannies.  Most women stayed home and took care of the kids and the home while the husbands went off to work.  Few families even had a second car so life revolved around family, home, and whatever was available in your own neighborhood. I was always busy though keeping up with 2 little kids who were 2 years apart in age, and sometimes my energy level would drop running after one or the other. 

I found that M & M's® really gave me the pick me up that running after the 2 busy kids required.  I'm not talking about a little, bitty bag of M&M's either.  I put one pound of M&M's in a one pound size Tupperware® square, put the container chock full of M&M's down on the dish drainer in the double sink, and get high on chocolate all day long.  The one pound bag of M&M's only lasted a couple of days and I am proud to say I never, ever shared one M&M with anyone including my incredibly precious children.  Chocolate isn't good for little kids, after all. 

One day, as Kathy got a little older, but not tall enough to see what was hidden in the dish drainer, she heard a by now familiar sound and asked, "Mommy, do you have M&M's in the sink?"  And, of course, being a responsible parent, I replied, "NO!!  Why would you think that?"  And so, from that point on I hid the M&M container in my underwear drawer, and who knows what those kids thought their mother was doing looking around in her underwear drawer so often each day.  I'm sure I marked them for life in some weird way.

I gave up the M&M addiction many years ago although at card club if there are M&M's, I fall back into my old habit.  I grab a handful of the tasty little morsels, divide them by color, eat any odd number from each color group so each pile has the same number of red, green, orange, yellow,blue and brown.  Then I can enjoy them one by one and keep the color groups equal.  I know it's a crazy addiction, and only a true M&M addict could understand this compulsion.

Since my cancer diagnosis friends have been generously bringing meals, treats, and taking care of us in all the wonderful ways they know and that we appreciate.  In with these wonderful and healthy meal gifts, suddenly bags of M&M's have started showing up and it has rekindled my addiction.   I'm now deep into my relapse. I've had them out in the open in a candy dish, but it seems Scott has developed a taste for them and now we have 2 addicts in the house.

I made it through my second chemo treatment again with no side effects except for a rash of bright red pimple like bumps on my face.  It's as if I've developed teenage acne that is taking up residence in the midst of the senior wrinkles.  It's not my best look, but if it's the only side effect I have I'll put up with it. 

This was my first 3 hour treatment - including the preparation, pre-medication and so on.  Kathy sat with me and Scott for a little while which was nice.  This time I had a roommate and this woman was a ball of fire:  she was reading a book, working on her laptop, talking on her phone, and knitting.   She also has lung cancer, but one different than mine, and that was also found incidentally due to some other problem.  Her chemo is different, too; she comes for 3 straight days of treatments each month, and since her husband still works, she is alone, but has figured out how to keep busy. Watching her wore me out. 

I'm noticing that everyone gets their own specific chemotherapy in their own specific way, and some people are alone for their treatments.  I am so very fortunate that I always have Scott and often Kathy with me for my treatments and appointments. 

Unfortunately, on the shorter days I guess I'm going to miss the raffles and the lunch wagon. On those days Scott the Butler will have to take care of getting me my coffee and snacks.

So treatment two is over, and again no side effects except for the acne thing.  I'm sure the M& M's aren't going to help that, but I hope they'll help the wrinkles.  If I gain some weight from all the chocolate I'm eating my face will fill out and then it will harder to find the wrinkles.  Right?

Again, your prayers, not only for me, but for my beloved Scott, our children and our family lift our spirits and remind us that there is still so much good in the world.

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  1. Linda,
    I am proud of you that you are dealing with this unfair disease in such a good way.
    Your loving Cousin.

  2. Isn't it extraordinary how we can find the blessings in the toughest of times ~ it truly shows a heart of gratitude and one of the many reasons I'm so proud to call you "friend".
    Love to you and Scott♥


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