Monday, December 31, 2012

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow

One more side effect of my chemotherapy turned up a couple of days before Christmas.  There seemed to be a lot of hair falling onto my clothes, getting on my hairbrush and comb. I figured  ever the observant of all things hair related right now  that the thinning hair I'd been told could happen had arrived.

So, I decided my best option was to call my BFF Ronnie and ask her to give me a fine looking short, pixie like new-do.  She cuts her own hair, her husband's hair, the kids' hair, and the dog's hair, so I felt confident that this was a job she could undertake with a great result that I'd be happy with.

When I got to her house she escorted me to "Ronnie's Hair Salon" which is also "The Laundry Room at Ronnie's House" most of the time.  I sat in the salon chair which converts to a plastic folding chair  when there is no hair client or back yard picnic. 

Next she brings out the "Hair Salon Beauty Box Tool Set."  This box looks just like the green metal one we have at our house in which to keep our hammer, drill, wire cutter, saws, screw drivers, sander and sand paper, wrenches, grass trimmer, nails, hooks, and other general tools we seldom use but still like to have.  Ronnie's box is silver though, and I am certain, and somewhat alarmed, that I've made the wrong choice in beauticians.  Is she going to use the wire cutters? Sand my hair off?  Tie my hair to a hook and string me to the ceiling laundry clothes line and saw my hair off till I drop back into the salon chair?  Use the grass trimmer?

But no - she roots through all the tools and comes up with some real hair clippers and scissors and gives me the beautiful pixie cut I was sure would be a great solution to my thinning hair. 

Take a look:

Not even a week later after shampooing the cute pixie a handful of hair the size of a tennis ball came out and I knew thinning hair wasn't the problem.  I was experiencing a very unique look:  bald on part of the left side of my head, thinning hair on the top of my head, and a pixie on all the other parts.  So I sat and cried for about 20 minutes, decided I was tired of worrying about something so minor, looked forward to the time saver no styling, blow-drying, combing, brushing coloring, trimming, etc., was taking up, calculated the savings on shampoo, conditioner, hair mousse, hair spray, combs and brushes and resolved to become the senior Sinead O'Connor. 

Unfortunately, that very day I had a doctor's appointment and was going to have to go with the  bald on part of the left side of my head, thinning hair on the top of my head, and a pixie on all the other parts to see the doctor, nurses, office personnel, greeter, visitors, and so on.  But, I also needed to go to the wig shop at Hillman Center to see how to put the dang thing on because I hadn't worn it yet since I had the cute pixie.  The wig lady looked mildly aghast at my look and offered to shave my head as she gently suggested me that my current look wasn't a good one.  And so, I ended up with my second free hairdo in less than a week.  And a wig wearing lesson and a new  hat for my bald head.

Here's the new bald look and you can see a little bit of the acne thing going on, too, but I got some new medicine which seems to be helping with that.  I notice I have a perfectly shaped head and pointy ears like Dr. Spock. And the blonde hair I claimed to have will now universally be known as a fraud. I seem to have a lot of colors on my head: grey, brown, white, and a lot of bald spots.

Here is how my hair looked before in a picture I had on this site before because it's the only reasonably good picture of me and the always handsome Scott.

My wig looks somewhat like my hair did before the shave job.  What do you think?


I saw the doctor last week the day before the beginning of cycle 2 of my chemotherapy and the long 10 hour treatment.  All my lab tests were good and the doctor said the acne thing is actually a sign that the chemo is working.  So I was pronounced as doing very well and in quite good health to continue with the unfortunate and unhealthy cancer thing.

So now I'm dealing with 3 very minor side effects:  acne, baldness, and a little tired, but I ironed today.

And again, your prayers sustain not only me, but my beloved husband, Scott, our family Dean, Kathy, Kim, James, Aidan, Riley, Guilia and Luca.  They are my partners in this challenge and your prayers lift us all to the Lord.  For that we are so very grateful and our road becomes more bearable and hope prevails.  Thank you.

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  1. Oh Linda you're absolutely beautiful, inside and out! Seems I have a bit in common with your BFF as I too cut all the hair around here. It's nice to know that's a skill I share with others! I also share your darling ears which have become quite vogue with popularity of faeries and elves so you see ~ we're finally "hip". ;)
    Couldn't be more happy for your continued success. I know it's SO difficult and you're really doing wonderfully! Prayers and love are always coming your way!


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